Hvad er sandhed andet end at leve for en ide? -Søren Kierkegaard
(What is truth other than living for an idea?)

Anonymous: What she *really* means: “I’m sorry, I’m not interested in sleeping with you, I'm interested in this guy who just dumped my best friend with a text. He's hot and a real bad boy, but it will be different with me. I know he won't treat me the same way he did her, because I'm special. You'll see!”

(In reference to a post I made in March.)
My post was a generalization, certainly, but it’s purpose was to illustrate that women aren’t always shady, cryptic riddle masters and that they do say what they mean. I have witnessed all too often men get rejected by a woman and assume that she is playing “hard to get” or assume what you have described to me here. I’m not going to say all women are blameless angels who can do no wrong. But I think it is important to listen and honor the wishes of another human being, even if those wishes do not match your own. And this door swings both ways. No one should feel pressured into having sex, regardless of gender or orientation. Anyone should be able to say they aren’t interested and feel safe doing so. 

You appear to be quite jaded in your message here. Although this could be simply an opportunity to be an anonymous troll, I hope that it does not come from a place of genuine hurt. If you have had a negative experience that has twisted your outlook on women as a whole, I am sorry. I agree that people, man or woman, ought not jump into a romantic pursuit with the mindset that they can/will “change” the other person. To change the behavior of another human being is a fruitless effort. People are the way they are and if they want to change, only they, themselves, have the ability to do so. 

TL;DR - Everyone should have the right to say no. Everyone should have the decency to respect that choice. 

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Carnival of Venice.

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"Unlike some I didn’t get to say goodbye

I never got to say ‘I love you,

thanks for being in my life.’ 

And I know she knows this things

I know she always knew

and if she could be here with me

she’d say ‘i love you too.’”

Some songs were meant to be written but never sung. 

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Hi friends.
I’ve been discovering some really awesome indie-folk bands lately and I thought I’d share the love. If you’re on the hunt for some really cool shit, check some of these guys out. The read-more has more detailed reviews.

(Artist - Album

First Aid Kit - The Lion’s Roar 

The Head and the HeartThe Head and the Heart
"Down in the Valley"

Sufjan StevensIllinoise
"John Wayne Gacy Jr."

Sun Kil MoonAmong the Leaves
I Know It’s Pathetic but that Was the Greatest Night of My Life”

Read More

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Embracing the fjord, a dusk-dimmed Bergen laps against mountain walls, Norway, 1971Photograph by George F. Mobley, National Geographic


Embracing the fjord, a dusk-dimmed Bergen laps against mountain walls, Norway, 1971Photograph by George F. Mobley, National Geographic

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No, it’s fine, body.

I didn’t need to sleep anyway. 

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taiyaki ♡ by Nassta on Flickr.


taiyaki ♡ by Nassta on Flickr.